Usually are not do Na-Bi prefer at the bottom?

Na-Bi’s conflicted ideas are merely exacerbated whenever she heads household and monitors the fresh new eco-friendly guide. Contained in this are numerous different sketches. One to suggests the lady reputation amidst a-sea away from shadowy black colored tones. This is certainly symbolic of their earliest meeting, whenever Jae-Eon put sight on her in the ways showcase. Subsequently, he or she is wished to run on the girl once more and you will has never prevented thought about the girl.

Well, it’s expo some time all of the gang arrive on gallery to trust Na-Bi’s really works. Her Professor is amazingly proud of Na-Bi’S works. Indeed, she also provides Na-Bi the ability to “give this lady wings” and you will head to Paris. It is a giant possibility however, she cannot end frowning. As to the reasons? Well, Jae-Eon’s perhaps not here.

Do-Hyeok happens no matter if, handing over a beneficial bouquet from vegetation regrettably knowing the details. Na-Bi is during like with Jae-Eon as there are absolutely nothing he is able to do in order to change you to. Regardless of if Manage-Hyeok shows up like magic, Na-Bi thank you so much your and apologizes getting breaking his center. Do-Hyeok bows nonetheless and you will makes.

What goes on to another emails?

Really, the last episode compensated all of the larger remarkable products having our very own help couples. In public, Sol and Ji-Wan express how much they prefer each other if you’re Bit-Na and you may Kyu-Hyun do the exact same. In fact, it downright accept how much time these include romantically linked, the whole way straight back while the first 12 months regarding the workshop. Based on Bit-Na, she planned to build him the woman date since that time they basic fulfilled.

When you are folks are all of the grins in the dinner, Na-Bi realizes she misses Jae-Eon. She minds back once again to this new expo where she finds Jae-Eon appreciating the new angel. Na-Bi phone calls your good jerk, especially considering the guy never ever arrived on time and you can skimped out for the appearing themselves before.

Na-Bi acknowledges you to she knows he’s an effective jerk you to definitely playthings with people’s thinking but still feels top when she is which have him. She does not want him going anyplace, even though meaning he’ll consistently doll along with her emotions.

Since it really does, i clipped across the to help you Jae-Eon and you may Na-Bi together taking walks together. Na-Bi contemplates permitting go whenever she observes Carry out-Hyeok but transform their attention, deciding to continue on this street she actually is picked to possess by herself. Indeed, Jae-Eon also indicates it get some butterflies but she downright declines.

Did Jae-Eon intentionally crack Na-Bi’s venture?

So Nonetheless departs however, why don’t we think about the fresh new experience in the gallery. Today, I understand why try a major accident but what when it was not?

It might very well be that Jae-Eon intentionally sabotaged the latest statue and destroyed it to find next to Na-Bi. After all, there needed to be a reason for these to chat once again and you may exactly what finest for you personally to do it than simply during eHarmony reviews the business?

We have seen Jae-Eon skulking to immediately following-circumstances and the way one to statue is actually completely ruined to parts raises all sorts of security bells. This may well be you to definitely in his depressive state he purposefully sabotaged the complete enterprise.

Jae-Eon is suspiciously jovial as he advised they work together with her in order to repair it, so we see they are a pushy child too. He may really have used this because the a way to winnings the lady more. He was all happy-smiley having Jin-Soo while they consumed eating together with her as well as honoured Na-Bi’s wishes off existence out. We are going to never know definitely – what do all of you thought? Was just about it a major accident? Otherwise good spiteful move ahead Jae-Eon’s area?

The Event Remark

Thus whatsoever that misery and you will crisis across the 10 symptoms, Na-Bi decides to betray the girl direct and go with the girl heart. After all, she even states at the end of the fresh new occurrence, “I am aware that it will bring about me personally aches.” That it appears to upload a highly conflicting message that if you happen to be within the a controversial dating, you will want to simply ignore the warning flag and you can go on obliviously. I am aware that’s probably not what so it reveal goes having, but that’s the content I have.